Revealing the fuel of inspiration

Creators, especially in the world of advertising, ceaselessly draw the inspiration from their everyday life. Anyone who works within the area of communications has to have their eyes wide open at all times, has to absorb the experience, images, thoughts, patterns, relationships, etc. They have to understand life in its fullness. Each experience is precious, whether it is a book, music, art, an inspiring lecture or a random look from a stranger on a city bus.

This is why, we hosted the most exceptional speakers at the jubilee 25th Golden Drum Festival, who shared the most about the quest of inspiration and the sparks that inflame its emergence. We chose them from various areas, from technology and communications to philosophy. They discussed the sources and meanings of inspiration for resolving the new challenges of the future, and presented examples and ways which will help us become the initiators of the future changes. The lectures and presentations offered by this year’s Golden Drum Festival were for these reasons essential content for anyone who wants to understand and live the creative transformation of the future.