About Ljubljana

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Ljubljana is a city that amazes and exceeds all your expectations. It is a unique European capital – small in size but large when it comes to hospitality and quality of life. Over the last eleven years, more than 1,800 projects have been carried out in Ljubljana. Projects that the city has awaited for decades or even a century came to life as well. Thus, the quality of life has significantly improved. We have been awarded the greatest European award for cities, the prestigious title of European Green Capital 2016, as well as many other awards, certificates and praises. The projects that were carried out and the efforts of the city also resulted in the satisfaction of its citizens and an annual growth of the number of tourists. Green, safe, clean, always interesting and pleasant, Ljubljana is a magnet for visitors from near and far. As a result, a new record is set every year in the number of overnight stays and the international reputation of the trademark of the city has become significantly enhanced.

They say that Ljubljana is Europe in miniature, because it is positioned on the dynamic crossroads of various cultures, regions and historical developments. The city with a green soul and the European Green Capital 2016 title is as beautiful as a work of art and is full of stories that could be included in a historical novel. It is a unique combination of prehistoric times of pile dwellers, the 2,000 years old Roman Emona, the medieval centre under the castle hill with rich baroque façades, and the beauty of art nouveau with Jože Plečnik’s creations, an important architect and urban planner of Europe. Plečnik connected the incredible architectural image of old Ljubljana and the mixture of styles from his hometown into a unique whole. The mark that he left on the city is so distinct that Plečnik’s Ljubljana belongs among the most original and important comprehensive artworks of the 20th century on a global scale.

As the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is the headquarters of many museums and boasts many boutique art and sales galleries. The city is distinguished by the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modern rhythm – it is a lively centre of creativity, where culture is virtually the way of life. Every year, more than 14,000 cultural events take place in Ljubljana – top music, theatre, fine art and alternative events alike. This is the city that can be visited in any season.

As a cultural capital, Ljubljana is architecturally diverse and rich in heritage, but at the same time modern and creative, even avant-garde and provocative. It is uniquely marked by its Mediterranean character, which helps co-create the relaxed city atmosphere. It is also an ideal city break destination for cuisine lovers – Ljubljana is a small capital with great culinary experiences that uncover attractive and diverse stories for visitors.

Visitors can also obtain Urbana tourist card, which enables them to discover the greatest sights of Ljubljana at the best price and experience the city in a comfortable way. In addition to seeing the city sights for free, it offers many other benefits. There are three types of cards for various durations: 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours, which can be bought at the tourist information centres, in hotels or online (10 % cheaper).

We are one of the few European capitals that can boast quality drinking water without prior treatment. In the past, cars and buses used to drive in the city centre, while today walking and cycling is preferred there. The Ljubljanica riverbanks have been rearranged into quality public spaces for citizens and visitors. Over 90 hectares of green surfaces have been rearranged, while new green surfaces are still emerging from degraded urban areas. There are 542 square metres of public green surfaces. Ljubljana is a city of short distances and is tailor-made for people. Ljubljana is the European capital with the largest proportion of separately collected waste (65 %) and the first capital in the European Union to be included in the zero waste programme.

We have top quality kindergartens, primary schools and youth centres in the city quarters. As the Slovenian capital, we are building our own international identity, based on a rich cultural heritage and a top and diverse cultural offer. Since 2015, we have been a UNESCO city of literature. We also have a rich and diverse range of sports for all age groups.

Our municipality is tailor-made for people with disabilities and is included in the World Health Organization network of age-friendly cities. We are also the safest city in this part of Europe and a tourist destination of the future (the Tourism for Tomorrow award).

All this proves that Ljubljana deserved the European Green Capital 2016 title and has become an equal partner to all other capitals.