TYPENET Price22% VAT included
R Integrated430,00 €524,60 €BUY
S Activation335,00 €408,70 €BUY
T Brand building335,00 €408,70 €BUY
T01 Brand Introduction335,00 €408,70 €BUY
T02 Brand Repositioning335,00 €408,70 €BUY
T03 Brand Vitality335,00 €408,70 €BUY
U Functional Efficiency335,00 €408,70 €BUY
V Content335,00 €408,70 €BUY
V04 Films & TV Shows335,00 €408,70 €BUY
V05 Online & Mobile335,00 €408,70 €BUY
V06 Live Experience335,00 €408,70 €BUY
V07 Native Advertising, Brand Integration, Sponsorships & Co-Promotions335,00 €408,70 €BUY
V08 Games335,00 €408,70 €BUY
V09 Influencers335,00 €408,70 €BUY
X Engagement335,00 €408,70 €BUY
X10 Direct335,00 €408,70 €BUY
X11 Creative use of Data335,00 €408,70 €BUY
X12 Public & Community Relations335,00 €408,70 €BUY
X13 Creative use of Media335,00 €408,70 €BUY
Y Genius Loci / Local spirit335,00 €408,70 €BUY
Z Social Good335,00 €408,70 €BUY
Z14 Non-profit social good335,00 €408,70 €BUY
Z15 Profit social good335,00 €408,70 €BUY

VAT rules

In accordance with the Slovenian / EU rules and regulations on VAT, there are specific rules that we, as the organizer, need to apply:

  • VAT to be charged to all Slovenian legal persons and individuals.
  • VAT reverse charge procedure under Article 44 of VAT Directive for taxable person from EU having VAT identification number or taxable person from a third country possessing confirmation of being an economic operator.
  • VAT charged under Article 45 of VAT Directive for non-taxable person from EU or a third country.  

VAT number – a VAT rate of 22% applies in Slovenia. In order to correctly apply VAT on an invoice, we need your VAT number as well as your status of taxable or non-taxable person. Especially, this applies to the EU countries in relation to VAT reverse charge rule.

Please, do not enter any characters, other than numbers and letters. In case of wrong VAT number, the invoice will have to be cancelled and new one generated.