PRINT group includes advertisements intended for published printed media (newspaper, magazine, etc.).



14. Food

15. Drinks

16. Household maintenance

17. Furnishings & electronic equipment

18. Health, beauty & fashion

19. Automotive

20. Transport, travel & tourism

21. Leisure, entertainment, culture & education

22. Retail & public services

23. Communication products & services

24. Media

25. Financial & business services

26. Corporate advertising





One image file is required.


All entries, submitted to the Golden Drum Festival, will be shown for the judging, exhibited during the Festival, screened at the award ceremony, should the entry be awarded, as well as published in the entries showcase on www.goldendrum.com.


Entries in this group can only be submitted through the online registration system on www.goldendrum.com and only files as JPEG will be accepted.


Colour spaceRGB
DPI300 dpi
SizeThe longest side must be at least 420 mm
File sizeup to 6 MB