DESIGN group includes visual identities (brand and corporate logotypes, branding and visual identity systems with at least three elements), business and promotional design, packaging design and product design. We also welcome digital design in various forms and print design such as calendars, annual reports etc.



  1. Visual identities (brand and corporate logotypes, branding and visual identity systems with at least three elements).
  2. Business and Promotional design (business gifts, promotional clothing, samples, promotional items)
  3. Packaging design (custom made packaging design as well as packaging design for mass produced goods and services)
  4. Product design (product identity expressed through form and function; no concept designs are eligible)
  5. Digital design (website and microsite design, app design, online publications, game design, UX interface design, e-newsletters, banners, webshop design, data visualisation)
  6. Print design (calendars, publications, annual reports, invitations, postcards, seasonal greetings cards, books…)


Entries in Group F can be submitted through the online registration system on https://engine.goldendrum.com and via Courier (for the actual samples) – see instructions below.

All entries submitted to the Golden Drum Festival will be shown for the judging, exhibited during the Festival, screened at the award ceremony, should the entry be awarded, as well as published in the entries showcase on www.goldendrum.com.



  • One image file

One image file as a JPEG is required.

Colour spaceRGB
DPI300 dpi
SizeThe longest side must be at least 420 mm
File sizeup to 6 MB


  • An actual sample of the entry

Actual sample of the entry: in Group F actual samples of the entry not bigger than 50 x 50 x 50 cm are accepted. If the actual sample is not suitable for presentation at the Festival exhibition location, the print-ready photography attached to the entry will be used at the printed exhibition

Please send the actual sample and an image representing the entry by a courier and follow these instructions:

  • Each individual entry – each actual sample – must be accompanied by a copy of the entry form.
  • Do not include files for entries from other groups.
  • The actual sample must be well protected for transport, where, if necessary, please empty the package contents.
  • Please send all materials at the same time.
  • All entries in this group will be exhibited at a special exhibition during the Festival.

Please consult the Festival office about extra sizes or requirements for the exhibition.



  • A video presentation of up to 180 seconds (to be screened for the judging)
  • Awards show film of up to 60 seconds (to be screened at the award ceremony, should the entry be awarded)

Both as MP4 file may be submitted to better present your work in this group.

In case the entrant does not submit the awards show film, the organizer reserves the right to screen first 60 seconds of the original video at the award ceremony, should the entry be awarded.


Video upload


ResolutionFull HD (1920×1080 px), 16:9 Widescreen (preferable)
Frame rate25fps
Scan typeProgressive
Video codech.264 (min 15 – max 40 mbps)
Audio codecAAC (min 160 kbps), 44KHz
File size(*)up to 360 MB



In case you are submitting an entry with a video presentation, we suggest you enter the following materials:

  • 1x jpeg (which will be used in case of being awarded at the final ceremony)
  • 1x case video à 1x mp4 up to 180 seconds
  • and 1x awards short video up to 60 seconds in case your case video was longer that 60 seconds