Cristiana Zito

Head of strategy, DDB Barcelona, Spain

Cristiana decided to work in advertising when she was 10 watching an Audi advert. She was really impressed by the simplicity of the story and by the way it conveyed a real clear and positive message about a car. So, she knew she wanted to be a strategist, even before knowing that this role exists.

Years later after studying Business and Economies she discovered that there are people in the industry that “help ideas to come out of a block” (as Michelangelo used to say about being a sculpture), they are called planners or strategists, that they are paid for doing their job. Cristiana decided to be one of them.

She started as account assistant in a small agency and then moved to a production studio until she had the chance to go to DDB Milan as planning assistant.

One year later she was working for Audi. Being the last member of the team, she also had the chance to work for the smallest projects of the agency. And at that time the smallest projects of the agency happened to be the digital ones.

Cristiana has been really lucky to fully enjoy the digitalization from the inside. For that reason, probably, she didn’t live it as a change but just as natural evolution.

In 2011 she moved to DDB Barcelona where she had the opportunity to be involved in a lot of different projects for many Spanish clients. In 2014 DDB Barcelona has been selected as one of leading agencies by Audi Ag so during the last years Cristiana has been working on different international projects as the launch of Audi Q2 that has been one of the most global and digital campaigns in the brand history.

In 2017 she became head of strategy department.

Cristiana is also a visiting professor at different Universities where she tries to help young and talented students to become passionate and brave professionals.

She often asks herself why she decided to work in advertising but she hasn’t found an answer yet.