Izabela Albrychiewicz

Chief Executive Officer, Wavemaker Poland, Poland

Izabela Albrychiewicz has over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry, 19 of these with Wavemaker which she joined as a Media Director in 1999. In 2009 she stepped up to become the Managing Director of MEC Poland and in 2011 – the CEO of the agency. Under Izabela’s leadership, WM has consistently improved both its offering and market position. As the only agency in Poland, WM has retained a number one position in the RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry) rankings for 7 years and has dominated the local EFFIES.

„Media agencies would lose ground if they remained ‘just’ media agencies,” Izabela said in one of her recent press interviews. This statement truly reflects the strategy she has implemented at WM. In 2008, MEC was one of the first media agencies in Poland to start a creative department and last year this structure was transformed into MEC Wavemaker, making MEC Poland one of the first 10 markets globally, where MEC launched this offer. In January 2018 she was responsible for merger of Maxus and MEC – CEO of Wavemaker.

In Poland WM is renowned for its strong competencies within analytics and research. The agency owes this fame to numerous research projects going far beyond a media agency’s every day practice. WM has published numerous report that covers trends in linear TV, online video or adblocking to guide advertisers through future threats and opportunities. Based on this prowess, Izabela decided to start new consultancy division within WM, Syntax, that offers advertisers not only marketing consultancy but business support within data, digital and technology.

On top of her busy day job as CEO of WM Poland, Izabela sits on the board for the Polish Advertising Association and is a board member of IAA. Her efforts are appreciated by the industry – in 2015 she was the first woman to be named Adman of the Year by “Press” magazine. Izabela’s recognition goes beyond the borders of ad land; recently WM CEO was named “Visionary of the 21-st Century” by newsmagazine Wprost as part of their annual recognizing of outstanding individuals from different business sectors and scientific communities.