Maya Sharan

VP Creative, TBWA/YEHOSHUA, Israel

For the last 3 years Maya has been a VP Creative in one of the largest local advertising agencies, the Israeli branch of TBWA.

Her agency and her team deal with both international and local brands such as McDonalds, Toyota, and large local food brand such as Muller, and the milk section of CocaCola Israel. The diversity of her agency and her work include dealing with other verticals such as hotel chain Fatal, a global chain with brands like Leonardo and NYX, and one of the leading banks in the local market – Discont Bank.

Previously she held the position of Creative Director for Publicis Israel for 4 intensive years and lead high profile creative projects such as Diabetes awareness, a project that was nominated for Cannes, and launched a 360 project for a new Telecommunication company (012) and its penetration to become a leader in the ISP and Voice market.

In her professional career, Maya always finds time for project that reflect her values and bring her activism to the advertising world – for e.g, she has brought to the table the differences in salaries between man and women in series of short videos launched in deferent medias including national TV that brings the 30% gap in a creative and disturbing way.

Her formal education is Film Making in New York (Film Academy of NYU), followed in Israel Politics and communications in Ben Gurion University.

Last but not least, Maya is a mother of a 4 years old beautiful Lia and is happily married (for now) with Guy, who is also in the advertising industry as a producer and photographer. They live in the sunny Tel Aviv, travel a lot around the globe and in Israel.

In her free time, since she was 7, Maya loves to surf whenever she can.