Sami Basut

Creative Director, Manajans/JWT Turkey, Turkey

Sami Basut was named the Creative Director of the Year in Turkey. His work transcends advertising into entertainment, art and becomes part of popular culture.

His collaboration with TV shows has earned him a credit amongst the TV producers and he became a catalyst between brands and screenwriters. His organic storytelling has led to the invention of branded holistic episodes integration and work like “Catch Pink If You Can”, a mobile game integration done in real time broadcasting on the TV series and “Silent Window”, Turkey’s most tweeted Soundproof Outdoor which has turned another TV Show into a live concert experience; it has been showcased many times around the world as the best practice and took his agency to the world’s 35th most creative agency in WARC’s list in 2015. Under his creative leadership his agency has also been named as the 4th most effective  agency in Europe. His current work for brands like Axe, Sunsilk, Rexona has won Grad Prix in local awards shows. His agency has been praised for winning so many Grand Prixs with so much diverse work this year. A true entertainer in heart, he holds the record for two of the most watched Branded Music Videos in Turkey this year, which turned him into a mentor to musicians, pop stars and rock stars.

His work has been ranked in Youtube Ad Leader-boards in top 10 many times, his personal record being 4 out of 10. A true proud feminist, he helped women to raise their voice with Sunsilk, when a girl was assaulted for her outfit choice in a bus during Ramadan. The campaign created awareness around the unfair treatment and got international coverage for women’s right for freedom while bringing his agency another Grand Prix.

He is Bosphorus University English Language and Literature graduate and holds a masters degree in Advertising Design. He is currently working as the Creative Director in Manajans/JWT whilst instructing the Copywriting for Advertising and Marketing Class in Bosphorus University – Turkey’s Ivy League. A member of JWT Creative Council under the leadership of Bas Korsten and Matt Eastwood, this year he has been a keynote speaker at Crystal Apple Festival, Brandweek and Epica Creative Circle in Berlin. He’s currently working on a branded documentary which will be aired on National TV.

His childhood ambition is to win an Emmy.

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