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  1. Data manager

Official title: Slovenian Advertising Chamber (hereinafter the SAC)

Registered office: Letališka cesta 35, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Responsible person within the company (legal representative): Mojca Briščik


  1. Use, scope and purpose of data storage and processing

Personal data is stored and processed for the purposes of maintaining contact with clients, marketing communications by email, and client profiles with the goal of inpidually customizing the offer of content and products in our electronic communications and on our websites. When sending out emails, we record their delivery success rate for inpidual recipients of the messages, and any clicks on the links in the messages received. For a more streamlined user experience and the customizing of ongoing messaging, we automatically process, analyse, profile and assess the information to grade the interest of our clients in the content. Our decisions are not automated based on the recorded data and profiles created, but made on a case by case basis.

For the purposes of email notification, we store and process the:

  • email address,
  • name,
  • surname,
  • gender.

Personal data is collected based on the express consent or permission of the subject inpiduals. Consent is stored together with the data record and the form used to obtain it.


  1. Personal data transfer

Personal databases are physically stored in the Republic of Slovenia and are not transported to other countries.

Personal data may be shared with our contractual partners, trustworthy service providers and business advisers who on our behalf, and an on our account, process personal data for the achievement of goals behind their collection. The parties processing personal data managed by the SAC are carefully screened and only entrusted with the data providing they can show appropriate infrastructure and organizational protocols guaranteeing its security.


  1. Storage period

Personal data of inpiduals is stored until the fulfilment of goals of the data’s collection, or until the consent for data storage and processing of the inpiduals subject to the collected data is withdrawn – unless a longer storage period is mandated by the legislation in force at the time. When an inpidual withdraws their consent, their personal data is immediately and permanently deleted.

Data on the receipt of messages and clicks on links in the messages we send is stored for 12 months from the time of sending.


  1. Rights of inpiduals (persons)

Any inpidual may, at any time, request in regard to their stored data:

  • access,
  • correction,
  • deletion,
  • limitation or objection to processing,
  • transfer,
  • termination of storage and processing or withdrawal of consent for storage and processing, without this affecting the legality of the data processing that has already been conducted up until termination, based on existing consent or approval.

In case the SAC wishes to further process personal data for purposes that are not the original purpose of the data’s collection, we undertake to provide information to the subject inpiduals, describing the specific purpose and consequent relevant information as it appears in this document.

In case an inpidual believes the SAC has violated any of their data protection rights, they can submit a complaint with the competent overseeing body – Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia:

Republic of Slovenia, Information Commissioner, Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana,

We will gladly assist concerned inpiduals in the assertion of their rights.


  1. Contact information

If you have any questions regarding this Legal Disclaimer, or wish to exercise your rights, please contact us at the following address: [email protected].


Ljubljana, on 23. 5. 2018

Slovenian Advertising Chamber