Start the First Cashless Creative Festival 12. 10. 2018

Uncover Cashless Experiences

Use your Mastercard® or Maestro® card to unlock Priceless experiences and offers both inside and outside the festival venue.


No card? No problem!

Visit Mastercard info point on Hotel Slovenija’s 1st floor and get a prepaid card.



Hop on one of our high-tech electric bicycles and start exploring new possibilities in and around Portorož and Piran.

Where: Hotel Slovenija entrance



Start mixing pleasure with business at official festival parties and order a priceless festival Gin & Tonic at a special price: 3 EUR.



Good ideas become great when you share them with others. Quickly turn yours into an exciting bag or backpack print and exchange it with other festival idea-makers.

Where: Hotel Slovenija 1st floor



Visit our Innovation Showcases point and discover the future of digital payments: paying with your fitness band, jewellery, clothes, or watch, paying while driving or consulting a robot named Pepper before making a personalized purchase.

Where: Hotel Slovenija 1st floor



Did you know you can save lives with your credit or debit card? Just visit our interactive display and donate funds for the World Food Programme project using our state-of-the-art contactless technology.

Where: Hotel Slovenija 1st floor



Priceless experiences await you in the cities of Piran and Portorož.

  • Take a professional photo at sunset

Forget lo-fi selfies and treat yourself to a truly stunning photo session with the help of nature’s most beautiful backdrop. Professionally retouched and framed, these memories will surely make for an amazing souvenir.

Price: 60 € / person

When: Thu & Fri @ 17:30


  • Row your way to Piran’s Aquarium

Say farewell to land life on the Portorož pier and travel the sea to visit Piran’s famous Aquarium. Return to Portorož after you’ve seen the city above and below the sea level.

Price: 90 € / person

When: Thu & Fri @ 12:00


  • Fish like a true Slovene fisherman

Watch the sun go down as you embark on an exclusive evening boat ride to a special fishing spot with the local expert as your guide. Forget about the hustle and bustle of the festival and relax as you learn the secrets of night fishing and catch a big one for yourself.

Price: 120 € / person

When: Thu & Fri @ 19:00


Number of experience packages is limited!

Info and booking: Mastercard info point, Hotel Slovenija 1st floor



Want to grab something to eat? Need a quick make-over or a haircut before the award ceremony? Find special deals at selected merchants in Portorož when you use your Mastercard or Maestro.


Pizzeria Rustika

Pizza restaurant

Obala 26

6320 Portorož

Special offer: 10% off of total purchase




Obala 18a

6320 Portorož

Special offer: FREE ice cream (1 scoop for purchases over 10 EUR or 2 scoops for purchases over 30 EUR)




Obala 14

6320 Portorož

Special offer: FREE ice cream (1 scoop for purchases over 10 EUR or 2 scoops for purchases over 30 EUR)


Paradise SPA, Grand Hotel Bernardin

Wellness centre

Obala 2

6320 Portorož

Special offer: 10 % off all Wellness services



Underwater boat rides

Cankarjevo nabrežje 3

6330 Piran

(pier next to the Maritime Museum)

Wed-Fri @ 14:00

Special offer: 15 % off on underwater boat rides


Philosophy by Romeo Perrone

Hair salon

Obala 93

6320 Portorož

Special offer: FREE short anti-stress head massage