Golden Drum’s ambassadors invites you to visit the festival 05. 10. 2017

Golden Drum Festival through Ambassadors eyes

Andrej Pavlovski, Macedonia
If you want to see your idols in front of you, talk to them or even have a drink or two, you should come to Golden Drum. You don’t need binocular, reservation or pre appointment, it is for other festivals. Here just take your good will and enjoy!

Žarko Sakan, Serbia
Because Golden Drum is a wonderful place where you can see and hear what´s going on in commercial communications of the New Europe.

Jiří Mikeš, Czech Republic
Golden Drum is a spring board for fresh ideas from New Europe, on their way to global stardom. Place to meet and exchange ideas with great communication thinkers of our time.

Katarzyna Dragović, Poland
It should be the creatives’ duty to come to Golden Drum. Apart from inspiration and knowledge they will obviously acquire, there is even more important aspect of this adventure: the hope that „next year it’s gonna be me!” This urge can be a powerful drive for the creatives. Agency CEO’s who want a success should never forget about this.

Csaba Gosztonyi, Hungary
Golden Drum is the only advertising festival where you can meet a real country president every year.

Mariana Brashnarova, Bulgaria
To see communications campaigns, creative ideas, design, concept, colleagues mainly from our region and whole world 🙂 to be inspired by international know how from the conference.

Günseli Özen, Turkey
Creativity festivals are where the society’s heart beats. At these festivals, you get to experience on one hand the emotional shifts of the people, while on the other hand, how technology affects the components of different cultures. It is possible to observe and fully understand this effect at Golden Drum. Golden Drum is a platform where creative minds can develop their talents as it provides a world in which the limits are non-existent. One must come, see and learn.

Ulrich Proeschel, Germany
The festival is regional, the people are approachable and gives enough space for smart conversations. It is not a festival of closed doors. It is the festival of open doors.

Krešimir Macan, Croatia
Golden Drum is the best chance in the region to become acquainted with campaigns and trends which have emerged in the market in the last year. Top notch creatives from East and North Europe, Turkey, Russia and beyond with whom you can socialize and exchange expiriences demonstrate the strength of this festival and its positive influence on the whole branch. Great lectures, opening up new cooperation opportunities with people from the whole Europe and unforgettable party are just some of the reasons why I attend Golden Drum every year.