Unique Opportunity: a signed copy of Sir John Hegarty’s and Berry Wacksman’s book! 16. 10. 2018

After Thursday’s last talk Black sheep walking great opportunities are awaiting for you. At the exit of the Cristoforo Colombo Hall, you will receive an excellent book from Michael Conrad from Berlin School of Creativity Leadership – from: creatives to: leaders,. Immediately after that, during the happy hour you have the opportunity to attend the Wine&Sign session, where Barry Wacksman and Sir John Hegarty will give away and sign 25 editions of their book to the delegates to honor 25 years of the Golden Drum Festival – Hegarty on Advertising: Turning Intelligence Into Magic (John Hegarty) and Connected by Design: Seven Principles for Business Transformation Through Functional Integration (Barry Wacksman). Join us at the TreeTop Restaurant where Berlin School of Creativity and Golden Drum Festival will treat you with a glass of wine from Hegarty’s vineyard! Wine&Sign session starts at 17.45!