[TALK] How brands can tap into the real opportunities of Mixed Reality

Jan Jelle de Boer, Creative Strategist, MediaMonks, The Netherlands

Ever since Mixed Reality experiences first made their way to mainstream audiences our tastes have matured—and so has the tech. Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) have opened up a wide range of business possibilities for brands and we’ve seen creators from all corners of the industry jump on the opportunity. In order to successfully use Mixed Reality, brands need to focus less on the hype and more on the business impact they want to have. But how can your business apply Mixed Reality to make a real impact?

Using his own experiences and several fact-based business cases, Jan Jelle will discuss the sense and nonsense of Mixed Reality opportunities. He will elaborate on the use of Mixed Reality to enhance brand experiences, e-commerce and customer education. After all, we can augment reality, we can extend reality, but the real question is how we can improve upon reality to drive real business results for brands.