How culture, especially local culture, can deliver competitive advantage for brands and their communication


Michael Conrad, President, Berlin School of Creative Leadership Foundation, Germany

A product or a service provides a function,
culture shapes a brand.
In shaping, building and growing a brand‘s culture,
leading its creativity, values, clarity, authenticity, origin, heritage and differentiation, as well as inventing and innovating its personality, charisma, gestalt and voice,
think local before global,
dig into genius loci – the spirit, the experience of the place,
dig „inside“ people’s lives, wants, needs,
dig into customer behavior,
dig into markets,
dig for the inherent drama,
dig for the truth,
make culture your strategy and narrative,
discover it, create it, re-create it, adopt it, apply it, merge it, re-discover it, …
for the sake of creating value.