[TALK] Turning Shit into Gold

17.10.2019 12:00 - Cristoforo Colombo Hall, Mind Hotel Slovenija

The world is full of problems. And the world of creativity is constantly threatened and undermined by a huge amount of constraints: social censorship, cultural isolation, regional conflicts, gender discrimination, inequality, or money cuts and over-rational thinking. You experience this in Central Eastern Europe and, although it seems different from where you are standing, France, UK, Spain and many other big and wealthy markets are fighting quite the same battles.

Believe it or not, it’s exactly these problems that are full of potential.

And today’s creatives should see themselves as modern alchemists, capable of turning the vilest materials and the toughest situations into great opportunities to change the world for the better. This presentation is an exploration of the many ways to make creativity blossom even, and especially, under constraint.