Filip Muki Dobranić, Digital Strategist, Luna \ TBWA, Slovenia

As I attended primary school my parents watched the forces of globalisation march to the beat of Coca Cola’s Christmas jingle, while Lexus and the Olive Tree promised world peace in the line at the McDonald’s counter. The year of Lexus and the Olive Tree in turn produced over 11 million refugees. 11 million people who would probably die should they return home were instead directed to their closest McDonald’s.

Eight years later 2007 happened and everyone panicked. We saw an innumerable amount of attempts at providing a narrative that would help make sense of this man-made beast that keeps dragging the leash. As we moved towards breaking the record for most refugees at any point in recorded history we created Brexit and Trump. McDonald’s started to get a bad rep.

All the while the admen (and much too rarely adwomen) of the world excelled at selling sunscreen and feeling hopeless. Hopeless for the world as much as their jobs, threatened by do-it-yourself distribution networks like Adsense and Facebook. They hold the keys to literally millions of people yet remain wholly impotent. It is hard to blame anyone but the adpeople themselves when their job is threatened by an algorithm that can reduce the price of a click for a penny.

In these sleepless, pointless times, what is there to be done? Ironically, the answer might lie in the thoughts and words of writers with the worst brand image imaginable. The time has come to open your hearts to Nietzsche and Marx and save your soul and marketing career. Absolution guaranteed.