Inken Rohweder, Creative Equity Officer, Switzerland
Collette Wasielewski, Creative Director, FCB Joburg, South Africa
Lorna Hawtin, Disruption Director, TBWA\Manchester, United Kingdom 

To further the development of women in leadership positions and advocate for greater diversity within the creative industries three scholarship recipients from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership’s EMBA program will discuss status quo and complexity of the issue, understanding of the benefits of greater diversity to the future of creative industries as well as ideas and research concepts influencing progress.

The conversation will be moderated by Lorna Hawtin, disruption director at TBWA Manchester who received the 2011 „Sir John Hegarty Scholarship for Women in Creative Leadership“. Her thesis work centred on the topic of ‘extravert ideal’ in adland received the Berlin School’s President’s Award and is featured on the Berlin School’s website.

Inken Rohweder, mother of two children, after many years working as a creative leader in award winning agencies is currently self employed. „In researching the discrepancy between the creative agencies’ self-awareness of being future-oriented as opposed to their regressive position concerning human resource management, it seems evident that German speaking countries rarely have or use instruments of diversity management”, she quotes.

Collette Wasielewski, a highly awarded designer and now a leading creative at FCB South Africa is focused on the very special complexity women face in her country of South Africa, offering an insightful research concept and a very promising engagement approach.

Come join this session and bring your questions and ideas.