A Classic You Can Count On

Awards: Shortlist
Entry code: 0101002GD21
Agency: Bob the Robot, Helsinki
Advertiser / client: Saarionen
Group: A. FILM, TV/Cinema Film

Creative idea

Saarioinen is a Finnish microwave meal manufacturer. The ad promotes a range of meals consisting of Finnish classics (like sautéed reindeer). The tagline “A classic you can count on” refers to the classic rock-anthem Final Countdown, the classic meals – and even the classic Saarioinen jingle from 1967. But why 'Final countdown'? First, it’s a kick-ass song to which our target group has headbanged to for the past three decades. Second, it's called 'Final Countdown'. Get it? Fun fact: the performance was recorded live on set without any post-work gimmicks or after-effects.

Brand name: Saarioinen
Advertiser / client: Saarionen
Product / service: Classic meals
Campaign name: A Classic You Can Count On
Agency: Bob the Robot, Helsinki
Additional company: Cocoa Mediaproductions
Production company: Cocoa Mediaproductions
Art director: Hermanni Kanerva
Copywriter: Jan Sederlöf, Hemppa Laakso
Designer: Janika Lähdes
Account director (agency): Heidi nieminen
Strategic planner / strategist: Karolus Viitala
Film production: Cocoa Mediaproductions
Director: Juho Konstig
Director of photography: Tuukka Kovasiipi
Music: Markku Mäkelä / Joey Tempest
Agency producer: Seppo Kerkelä
Additional company: Tia Yrjölä, Saarioinen, Chief consumer officer Päivi Ikonen, Saarioinen, Marketing Manager


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