Moldy Whopper

Awards: Golden Drum
Entry code: 0108001GD21
Agency: Publicis Bucharest
Advertiser / client: Burger King
Group: A. FILM, TV/Cinema Film

Creative idea

Fast food industry has been repeatedly accused of selling artificial food. Burger King wants to propose a global alternative: real food by removing artificial additives from all its products. We launched the Moldy Whopper, featuring the iconic Whopper rotting through a period of 35 days. A simple and clear message to the industry, showing that our food has no preservatives. It might’ve gone against every convention, but it showed that mold could be a beautiful thing too. The campaign was executed in multiple platforms such as film, OOH, Print and digital. It traveled the globe and was lively talked about in the real world.

Brand name: Burger King
Advertiser / client: Burger King
Product / service: Fast food
Campaign name: Moldy Whopper
Agency network: PUBLICIS
Agency: Publicis Bucharest
Additional company: Ingo Stockholm, David Miami
Executive creative director: Chief Creative Officer: Jorg Riommi, Eduardo Marques, Global Chief Creative Officer: Bruno Bertelli
Creative director: Executive Creative Director: Pablo Dachefsky, Bjorn Stahl; Group Creative Director: Fernando Pellizzaro, Jean Zamprogno
Art director: Ivan Montebello, Max Hultberg, Camilo Jiménez, Sergio Takahata
Copywriter: Pablo Murube, Magnus Ivansson
Account director (agency): Rickard Allstrin, Mia Melani, Stefane Rosa
Strategic planner / strategist: Simon Stefansson
Photographer: Pål A Allan, Erik Ögnelooh
Director: Markus Ahlm
Music: Erik Lindahl, Quint Starkie; Composer: Stephan Moritz; Music Supervisor: Maria Moritz, Danny Simon
Agency producer: Jenny Steggo, Markus Ahlm, Lena Von der Burg; Executive Producer: Carlos Torres, Ryan Schinman
Additional company: Creative Team: Åsa Eklund, Alexander Lundvall, Stefan Kindgren, Anna Lindblad, Viktor Kumlin, Kalle Dahlberg, Jean-Claude Soret


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