Self-Isolation Index

Entry code: 0803003GD21
Agency: Yandex Creative Studio '7.47'
Advertiser / client: Yandex
Group: B. CONTENT, Online & Mobile

Creative idea

Could you save lives from Covid if you knew what movies people watch around the country? Yandex could. It appeared that we can measure the city activity level by comparing trends of how people were using our apps before and during the pandemic. This discovery enabled creation of the Self-Isolation Index – a simple 0 to 5 grade scale, based on the anonymous data from 24 Yandex apps, used daily by 60% of Russia’s population. The Index was measured live for 173 cities with over 100k citizens and placed on the most visited web page in Russian internet segment.

Brand name: Yandex
Advertiser / client: Yandex
Product / service: Self-Isolation Index
Campaign name: Self-Isolation Index
Agency: Yandex Creative Studio '7.47'
Web address:
Executive creative director: Alexandra Novohatskaya
Creative director: Alexandra Novohatskaya
Art director: Vasilii Ovchinnikov
Copywriter: Pudan Konstantin
Agency producer: Inna Omelchenko
Additional company: T. Khudaverdyan, G. Abovsky, A. Styskin, T. Samsonova, P. Abroskin, A. Plakhov, I. Goltsman, V. Smolev, D. Shaposhnikov, O. Golub, N. Makarov, O. Levchuk, K. Mamaev, A. Shagraev, R. Musaev, O. Novikov, I. Agarlev, D. Novikov, S. Ternovykh, I. Alexandrov, G. Lokhtin, D. Mosin, V. Barinov, P. Okrema, P. Baturintsev, G. Tonakanyan, T. Nurutdinov, S. Sabirov, S. Simonov, E. Semiryakov, K. Khachaturov, P. Tyavin, L. Mednikov, S. Khachatryan, S. Paritova, A. Krainov, A. Yudanova, A. Ageeva


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