Entry code: 24009GD21
Agency: BBDO CA
Advertiser / client: Cosmopolitan Kazakhstan

Creative idea

Kazakhstan – heavily patriarchal country where female nature is still ignored and suppressed. The topic of menstruation was and still is shameful. Standing for female dignity, Cosmopolitan Kazakhstan wanted to start a public dialogue and contribute to a more open culture where women can feel okay about being themselves and talking about periods without feeling ashamed. While making a research we realized that Kazakh name for menstruation – «etekkir» is literally means «dirty hem». We believe that language can influence people's thoughts and attitudes. So we started from what shapes mindset and attitude to the world we live in — change disgraceful word and find suitable translation for menstruation.

Brand name: Cosmopolitan Kazakhstan
Advertiser / client: Cosmopolitan Kazakhstan
Product / service: #KIREMES social project
Campaign name: #KIREMES – NOT DIRTY
Agency network: BBDO WORLDWIDE
Agency: BBDO CA
Production company: Sintez studio
Executive creative director: Anze Jereb
Creative director: Renata Muratova
Art director: Svetlana Nikolayeva
Copywriter: Erika Romero
Designer: Elena Kossolapova
Account director (agency): Alua Baimukhamedova
Managing director: Danil Maslov
Strategic planner / strategist: Danil Maslov
Pr director: Katerina Maslova
Digital production: Cosmopolitan Kazakhstan
Digital strategist: Danil Maslov
Digital creative: Renata Muratova


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