Mindfulness in Nature

Entry code: A04001GD19Agency: Austrian National Tourist OfficeAdvertiser / client: Austrian National Tourist Office
Group: A Film, A04 Transport, travel & tourism

Creative idea

Increasing challenges at work and in everyday life and an uncertain political and economic future caused by the presumed Brexit stir the longing for “Mindfulness” in our British target group. The main elements of the campaign were created by means of innovative video technology: Holiday memories of the protagonist are projected onto her body. Positive experiences of guests during their holidays have an inspiring effect also at home and in everyday life. The creation visualizes the lasting impact of a holiday in Austria and stirs the longing of our target group for Mindfulness in Nature.

  • Brand name: Holidays in Austria
  • Advertiser / client: Austrian National Tourist Office
  • Product / service: Holidays in Austria
  • Campaign name: Mindfulness in Nature
  • Agency network: INDEPENDENT AGENCY
  • Agency: Austrian National Tourist Office
  • Film production: Kaiserschnitt Film GmbH
  • Director: Markus Gasser
  • Music: Tom O'Marsh