Entry code: S044GD19
Agency: As.It.O.I.ONLUS - Associazione Italiana Osteogenesi imperfetta
Advertiser / client: MCCANN Milan
Group: S Activation

Campaign idea

We opened LinkMeToo: the first LinkedIn page in Italy that connects disabled people to the world of work. The page hosted interviews and speeches by disabled professionals. Then we brought disabled people with a job aspiration together with disabled professionals who achieved that aspiration. Through the LinkedIn page, companies have been invited to act, participating to the Diversity Day, a special event about job and disability.

Brand name: LinkMeToo
Advertiser / client: As.It.O.I.ONLUS - Associazione Italiana Osteogenesi imperfetta
Product / service: LinkMeToo - Linkedln content platform
Campaign name: LinkMeToo
Agency: MCCANN Milan
Additional company: MEM//MCCANN Italy - Milan
Production company: The Family
Web address:
Executive creative director: Alessandro Sabini - CCO
Creative director: Edoardo Aliata CD/Art - Paolo Maccarini CD/Copy
Art director: Andrea Gessa
Copywriter: Andrea Piovesana
Account director (agency): Vera Ebensperger
Director: Sergej Grguric - Alessandro Palminiello - The Family
Agency producer: Lorenzo Ulivieri/Executive Producer/The Family
Digital production: Simone Fatone/Motion Designer/3D Artist - MRM//MCCANN
Digital creative: Daniela Calvanico/Creative Content Manager /MRM//MCCANN
Additional company: MCCANN IT : Daniele Cobianchi/CEO,Michele Virgilio/Head of Production,MRM//MCCANN: Marco Basilico Digital Project Manager,Chiara Chiarino/Content Manager,Federica Larocca/Content Manager


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