Popradska: The Secret Of True Coffee Lover Agency: Zaraguza, Bratislava Advertiser: Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad Group: A Film

Creative idea explanation

We live in an era of social bubbles. We always feel the need to divide ourselves – into those, who use Android and those who use Apple devices. The ones who love Star Wars and ones who like Star Trek. We even divide ourselves according to what coffee we drink. That’s why Slovak coffee producer ‘Popradská’ says enough of this division and instead of making an ad about the product we did a campaign about tolerance. We all have the right to drink coffee that we like. Because if you stop commenting on other people’s coffee, yours will also taste better.

Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad
Additional company:
Baliarne obchodu, a.s. Poprad
Agency network:
Campaign name:
The Secret Of True Coffee Lover
Brand name:
Popradská coffee brand
Creative Director:
Michal Pastier
Art Director:
Milan Malý
Michal Pastier, Jaroslav Vígh
Account Director / Manager:
Marian Zahorec, Jaroslava Huljaková
Media Director / Manager:
Pavol Krutý
Managing Director:
Martin Blaško
Strategic Planner / Strategist:
Juraj Pobjecký
Film production:
Hitchhiker Films
Pepe Ehrenberger
Director of Photography:
Martin Chlpík