Get Into The Snow Globe

Šifra: C24001GD19Agencija: DDB WarsawNaročnik komunikacij: McDonald's Poland
Skupina: C OOH (Out of home), C24 Retail & public services

Kreativna ideja

WHAT we built in the middle of a city was a giant Snow Globe that people could actually enter. This toy-inspired structure was supposed to bring back the memories of perfect winters - winters that are, for the most part, long gone. This way, for a moment, everyone who misses snow in winter could get their wish. The spherical outdoor was 14 meters high and contained 2700 cubic meters of air, with a McDonald’s pop-up store in the middle. It proved impossible to pass by. And people wanted to get in, because a bubble of happiness was there. Standing.

  • Ime znamke ali podznamke: McDonald's
  • Naročnik komunikacij: McDonald's Poland
  • Izdelek / storitev: McDonald's
  • Ime kampanje: Get Into The Snow Globe
  • Agencijska mreža: DDB WORLDWIDE
  • Agencija: DDB Warsaw
  • Produkcijska hiša: Papaya Films
  • Kreativni direktor: Zuzanna Duchniewska-Sobczak, Maciej Waligóra
  • Umetniški direktor: Izabela Wit
  • Tekstopisec: Jan Miroslaw
  • Strateg: Malgorzata Majcher, Anna Lyszczek-Majewska
  • Filmska produkcija: Tomek Kulesza
  • Producent - agencija: Katarzyna Seyfried
  • Druge sodelujoče agencije oz. Partnerji: Project Manger: Agata Pietruch