Access project

Šifra: G006GD19Agencija: Mosaic Media Agency, Moscow Naročnik komunikacij: MTS
Skupina: G Innovation

Kreativna ideja

MTS turned art content into AR outdoor commercials. Over 1800 ad posters were placed in the most popular places among target audience: bus stops, universities, cinemas, fast food restaurants. There was an additional layer discoverable only by using mobile application – «Access». Application unlocked AR version for an art on the poster - animation, video, or audio. Generation Z hacked outdoor ad and enjoyed limited content. As a result, MTS got +3 points of brand perception among targeted audience aged between 14 – 24 measured by brand health tracking. MTS became the market segment leader compared to other Russian mobile networks.

  • Ime znamke ali podznamke: MTS, telecom operator
  • Naročnik komunikacij: MTS
  • Izdelek / storitev: MTS
  • Ime kampanje: Access project
  • Agencijska mreža: INDEPENDENT AGENCY
  • Agencija: Mosaic Media Agency, Moscow
  • Izvršni kreativni direktor: Andrey Rybyshkin
  • Kreativni direktor: Igor Prybylov
  • Umetniški direktor: Sergey Yougov
  • Oblikovalec: Alexey Shlykov
  • Direktor projektov: Andrey Rybyshkin
  • Direktor odnosov z naročniki: Tonya Zabolotskaya