KFC - Haunted Camping protected by KFC

Šifra: S006GD19Agencija: MAINSTAGE | THE AGENCYNaročnik komunikacij: KFC
Skupina: S Activation

Ideja kampanje

During Untold, the biggest music festival in Romania, nobody can find accommodation, the flats are pre-booked months in advance. As one of Untold's sponsors, KFC wanted to promote its Garlic Sauce and send some lucky winners to the sold out festival. So we sent them in a haunted camping in the world famous local haunted forest, Hoia Baciu Forest. Because our sauce protects against vampires, ghosts and anything else crawling through it.

  • Ime znamke ali podznamke: KFC
  • Naročnik komunikacij: KFC
  • Izdelek / storitev: KFC Garlic Sauce
  • Ime kampanje: KFC - Haunted Camping protected by KFC
  • Agencijska mreža: INDEPENDENT AGENCY
  • Druge sodelujoče agencije oz. Partnerji: beinVR /
  • Kreativni direktor: Arpad Rezi / Sebastian Olar
  • Umetniški direktor: Mihai Stoica / Calin Mihai Radu
  • Tekstopisec: Alex Constantin / Catalin Badila
  • Direktor projektov: Alex Cristea
  • Druge sodelujoče agencije oz. Partnerji: Michael Adrian Mircea - Creative Technologist