Beer Heroes

Šifra: S043GD19Agencija: MCCANN MilanNaročnik komunikacij: Ubrew
Skupina: S Activation

Ideja kampanje

Ubrew is a small open brewery where 'you brew' your own beer. However, they're located at a loose amalgamation of breweries and have also to fight against the global brands, which annually spend millions in advertising. So, we launched the campaign, an insane quest for these anonymous 'beer heroes' of the internet. After a hardworking year, we found some of them and launched few documentaries about their heroic life as beer savers. And then, we paid them the best tribute possible, we brought them to London to brew their own beer, eventually launching a limited edition based on their deed.

  • Ime znamke ali podznamke: Ubrew Beer
  • Naročnik komunikacij: Ubrew
  • Izdelek / storitev: Ubrew Beer
  • Ime kampanje: Beer Heroes
  • Agencijska mreža: MCCANN WORLDGROUP
  • Agencija: MCCANN Milan
  • Druge sodelujoče agencije oz. Partnerji: MRM//MCCANN Italy
  • Produkcijska hiša: Think Cattleya
  • Spletni naslov:
  • Izvršni kreativni direktor: Alessandro Sabini/CCO
  • Kreativni direktor: Eoin Sherry - Fernando Dominguez - MRM, Alessandro Sciortino
  • Umetniški direktor: Eoin Sherry - CD
  • Tekstopisec: Fernando Dominguez - CD
  • Oblikovalec: Simone Fatone MRM Motion Designer/3D Artist
  • Strateg: Giovanni Lanzarotti /Head of Strategy
  • Filmska produkcija: Think Cattleya
  • Režiser: Umberto Carteni
  • Direktor fotografije: Karim Andreotti - Think Cattleya
  • Producent - agencija: Michele Virgilio /Head of Production MCCANN - Martino Benvenuti Executive Prod.Think Cattleya
  • Post produkcija: Marta Mangiucca - Think Cattleya - Producer
  • Spletna produkcija: Mike Cooper - MCCANN EMEA - Digital Director
  • Vodja digitalnih projektov: MRM :Riccardo Daverio - Art, Camilla Canova Copy
  • Organizacija in izvedba dogodkov: Nicola Guarino - LIVE Milan, Head of Social
  • Druge sodelujoče agencije oz. Partnerji: MCCANN IT:Daniele Cobianchi CEO,ValentinaCatese Project Manager,MCCANN EMEA:Adrian Botan President Creative EU,Global ECD,CarmenBistrian Creative Excellence Manager EU,MCCANN UK Mike Oughton Head of Copy,FabioFurnari UX Design,AndreaCasale Social Art