Enterprise Estonia – Work in Estonia

Šifra: U001GD18Agencija: Creative Agency Tank, TallinnNaročnik komunikacij: Enterprise Estonia
Skupina: T Brand building

Ideja kampanje

Web hiring campaign, using puzzle-based banners and a landing page to engage and filter the best candidates from Europe’s IT industry. A series of banners (cryptic to general public) were created, with nearly each execution being a combination of a code piece and a matching headline - suggesting users to consider a career in Estonia. After clicking a banner, user was taken to the campaign's landing page where to successfully complete a warm-up exercise, code of which was featured on the banner clicked. The campaign proved to be highly effective e.g. 667 candidate resumes were registered with the employers.

  • Ime znamke ali podznamke: Enterprise Estonia / e-recidency
  • Naročnik komunikacij: Enterprise Estonia
  • Izdelek / storitev: Web hiring campaign
  • Ime kampanje: Work in Estonia
  • Agencijska mreža: INDEPENDENT AGENCY
  • Agencija: Creative Agency Tank, Tallinn
  • Druge sodelujoče agencije oz. Partnerji: Tank / Enterprise Estonia
  • Spletni naslov: https://workinestonia.com/challenge/
  • Izvršni kreativni direktor: Joel Volkov
  • Kreativni direktor: Sergey Balabonin
  • Umetniški direktor: Jaan Rohtla
  • Tekstopisec: Marko (Mörö) Matvei
  • Direktor projektov: Veronika Pekurina