Andrej Drapal

Brand developer

Andrej Drapal, a philosophy graduate and writer, who grew up in the theatre, attended the secondary school for music, and volunteered as an editor at the Tribuna newspaper and at Radio Študent. However, this is where the beauty of not working for profit ends, as he also worked at the newspaper and the radio station as the director for a few years. He drafted his first business plan using a ZX Spectrum. As head of the theatre and film programme of the Cankarjev Dom cultural and congress centre, he continues to bring renowned names of European dance and theatre to Slovenia. Although he studied non-profit management at Johns Hopkins University, he then joined the Pristop agency, where he “graduated” in photocopying, partnership, and managing IT systems. In his free time, he gives a hard time to anyone who dares to say “PR” instead of the full phrase in Slovenian (odnosi z javnostmi – public relations). He invented the Standard Model of Branding, which he presents more extensively in the book Brandlife (Amazon, 2016). Before this, he wrote a book Kako stvari vznikajo (How Things Arise, Vale Novak, 2008), which is still attempting to become the least-comprehensible book published in Slovenia. In addition to that, in his free time, while developing his own method, he developed 48 Slovenian brands, including I Feel Slovenia. Because his ambition did not stop there, he began helping his clients to develop business models. In the meantime, he found it reasonable to waste his time founding the Chamber of Business Services of Slovenia (part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia). He sold his share in Pristop and went to where he belonged – Consensus (owned by his wife). As an excuse, he fought to establish his own consulting firm, which has a website that is perfect for Andrej – He is no stranger to Twitter, but hardly has the same reach as Kim Kardashian.

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