Emma Wilkie

Managing Director
The Gunn Report
United Kingdom

Emma has been Donald Gunn’s collaborator and co-presenter of The Gunn Report since January 2003.

Emma started her career in the Creative Department of DDB London. She was also a scriptwriter for satellite television programme European Business Weekly.

After a family break (working on one-off freelance projects) Emma came back as co-founder of Flaxman Wilkie, publisher of The Gunn Report 2003 – 2006.  She created The Gunn Report company with Donald in 2007.

Gunn Report has been part of WARC, the leading marketing intelligence service and global authority on advertising and media effectiveness, since the autumn of 2016.

As well as focusing on running the business, Emma is also the person who researches and creates the new Gunn 100 and oversees its production and publication as well as Gunn Media 100 and WARC 100.

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