Who are drummers?

Drummers are unique persons, who don’t satisfy themselves with average, every day, just-so-we-meet-the-deadline kind of answers. Drummers strive for more. More creativity, higher standards, mind boggling solutions and unique, new thinking. And of course, being recognized as the best at what they do!

In the course of years since Golden Drum started drumming, calling great minds from all over New Europe, Drummers were always there to shape and carry its message. You, our dear Golden Drummers, are our “raison d’être” why Golden Drum does what it does and why it’s so damn good at it! You helped us shape its image, its experience and its friendly note.

Drummers meet in person at least once a year at the Golden Drum Festival, but they also contribute to online Drummers Community on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. There, Drummers discuss hot issues, share their views and build friendships that last for life.

We hope you will join us at this year’s Golden Drum Festival, visit our Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles and help us shape our future.

Without a doubt: Yes, you can!

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