Visual Identity

This year’s 29th Golden Drum international festival of creativity is returning to its roots, to its creative essence in every aspect of the festival.

With this opportunity to connect with our roots we planted years ago that helped us grow creatively, it is only fair to return the festival to its hometown, a place where it all began – Portorož.

As we return to this Slovenian coastal city, a home by the sea, we embrace our roots with an official bold typography with a focus on two primary colors that remind us of summer. Yellow represents the sun and the freshness of creativity, while blue symbolically connects the festival with the sea and the coastal city.

The visual identity is showcasing the natural elements surrounding us: the sea, the sun, and the “fleur de sel” hand-harvested from the Adriatic that are daring you to dive in. These simple yet important micro elements are the key in balancing the contrasts between the past and present and are creating a unique flashback into the future.

The multi-layered designs are created to explore the depths of the three-dimensional in a two-dimensional space. These transformative visuals are based on clear and minimalistic photography and typography with little to no graphic elements that could distract from the core message of our festival – importance of creativity and the role it plays in shaping our world.”

Marko Klemen, Art Director, DROM Agency


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