Visual Identity

Golden Drum is entering a new future, a brand new start. The competition remains at the highest level, but the festival itself is changing its channel of communication, its perspective, turning some things upside down, closing some doors and opening new ones for the youngest members of our creative communities. We are excited about the new direction of the festival and the creative solutions that digital environment will enable us to deliver. 

The artistic solution for this year‘s visual identity places the slogan RE:START THE FUTURE as the key element around which the story is built. In the light of the reconceptualization of the festival, the colour scheme is younger, more vibrant and fresher, it alludes to the changes of the festival DNA and prompts us to create the kind of future we want to envision for ourselves and the world. 
DROM agency has managed to frame the essence of the festival's transformation with the new identity. It reflects the direction that the festival will pursue - primarily the address of the younger audience, and mayor changes in the competition. The Golden Drum with the new identity clearly communicates that it is entering a new era and is not looking back.

Agency: DROM Agency
Art Director: Marko Klemen
Copywriter: Maša Stanič
Strategic leadership: Milena Jakovljević 
Project leaders: Zala Maček and Špela Linec

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