A wall is just a wall. But whoever’s name is inscribed on it, briefly brushes against immortality. Then a wall becomes The Wall, the Golden Drum Hall of Fame Wall.

Jure Apih

Thanks to Jure, the Golden Drum Festival has been put on the map of the World’s most prominent ...

Adrian Botan

Adrian Botan is the Golden Drum’s Orpheus.

Farid Chehab

He has a special passion for political communication and was the advisor of one President of ...

Michael Conrad

Michael Conrad is the Golden Drum’s Godfather and the initiator of New Europe’s creativity.

Ivan Čimburov

In memoriam

Meta Dobnikar

This is a recognition for the years of work in creating and developing the Golden Drum

Dushan Drakalski

Dushan Drakalski is one of the brightest shining stars of Balkan creativity.

Csaba Gosztonyi

In cooperation with Golden Drum he played a major role in motivating Hungarian young creatives ...

Andrey Gubaydullin

Drummers know Andrey as a Festival friend, speaker and jury member, whose work ...

Ami Hasan

The Finnish Art Director’s Club granted him their Platinium Award 1997.

Mariusz Jan Demner

Jan Mariusz Demner is a grand master of the advertising craft.

Jaime Mandelbaum

Jamie is a silent Golden Drum Ambassador.

Jiri Mikeš

Jiri Mikeš has exclaimed the Golden Drum’s first YES.

Juli Nemes

In memoriam

Johannes Newrkla

In memoriam

Günseli Özen

She always enjoyed, in her own words, “learning and sharing that learned knowledge”.

Milka Pogliani

Milka Pogliani is the Golden Drum’s First Lady.

Ulrich Proeschel

Ulrich Proeschel is responsible for driving growth for TBWA and its clients by connecting ...

Daniel Ružička

Daniel Ružička is an adman with insight and inspiration.

Dragan Sakan

In memoriam

Juraj Vaculik

Juraj Vaculik demonstrates the great potential of the Golden Drum.

Vital Verlič

Vital Verlič and Futura have been the best agency of the New Europe three times.

Jarek Ziebinski

Jarek Ziebinski personifies the New Europe.

Darek Zatorski

Darek Zatorski is the New Europe’s enfant terrible: his name is at no fewer than 49 Bronze, Silver ...