Golden Drum presented new sustainable trophies in 2021


The Golden Drum Festival, organized by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber, revamped its competition in 2021, putting heart and soul into the vision of a sustainable future. A vital part of our commitment are the sustainable festival trophies – the most tangible messengers of our brand.


The materials

The trophies showcase the logo designed for the Golden Drum Festival in 2018 by the agency Luna\TBWA, Slovenia. It is set in a combination of sustainable & environmentally friendly materials – natural and recycled elements, primarily wood since over sixty percent of Slovenia is covered by forest. Wood forms the base and shaft of the statue, granting elegance as a pristine part of the surroundings where the festival has sprang its roots.

The bulk of the material is recycled plastic; trophies are 3D printed from plastic recycled from discarded household packaging. The characteristic texture looks quite unlike non-recycled material, contributing to the unique aesthetic of each individual piece. A touch of shine is added by recycled aluminum, rounding up the elements into an organic whole: perfect in its imperfection. With this, the festival continues its streak of distinction.

Photo: Aljoša Rebolj



Renewable Mindset

The statues are manufactured by the company Epigram, delivering excellence using JUMBO 3D printing to craft simple yet compelling trophies. Epigram is a leading company in the region in visual communications, specializing in large-format print and JUMBO 3D printing.

The Golden Drum Festival wishes to support sustainable trends and the reduction of the global carbon footprint. Our new trophies are considerably lighter, affecting shipping across the entire supply chain. We believe that each contribution can further the renewable mindset, no matter how small it appears at first glance. Bit by bit, we can get there together.

With this move the festival signals its will to stand behind the issues of the planet we all depend on. The sentiment of the new trophies is our first step in the pursuit of this critical goal, the shared environmental challenge of humanity.

Photos: Gregor Ravnik


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