As change is the only constant, creativity is one of its most powerful drivers. We are aware of how important it is to think globally, but also how crucial it is not to lose touch with the spirit of the place and act locally, where all changes really commence.

The creative industry has developed and became much more than just a sales generating machine. We are increasingly more aware of all the ways we can light up, contribute, and give back to society. The potential for making a difference in the world by driving positive change, engaging, and highlighting topics which are in the most different ways relevant to society as a whole, is tremendous.

The Golden Drum Festival wants to inspire and empower creative thinking, and action for positive change in many different ways, shining a light on it through its competition and congress program. With the slogan “Creativity 4 Change”, we are turning the focus to advertising for the better of tomorrow. Be a part of this change!

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