Sponsorship 2021

It is time to showcase your brand to the world!

We offer programme branding and tailor-made activations. This year you will gain global exposure since the festival will be online and free of charge.

We will partner with brands to find creative and outstanding solutions and present them on our global platform to deliver visibility and more importantly return on investment (ROI).


What we can offer you in 2021:

Branding / only digital in 2021 /

​Branding solutions provide the opportunity to showcase your brand to the world of creative communications. From programme and awards to live stream. We offer you a variety of different approaches to suit different company types and budgets.

Content / speaking opportunity

Become a speaker or official partner of the content programme. Awareness for our partners is our first priority and by partnering with us you will benefit from more engaged users and growing revenues.

Young Talent and Accelerator

Young Talent and Accelerator provides an opportunity not to be missed to align with the future of our industry. With competition on one side and learning experiences on the other, we can partner so that our future generations can stay and grow in our industry.


Throughout decades, the Golden Drum has stood as one of the most visible crossroads of the creative, marketing and advertising professional communities in the European advertising space. It has had a profound impact on the development of the industry, not only within the once so familiar New Europe but also beyond. Each year, with head-turning ideas competing for prestigious awards, it offers new proof that the specific cultural and economic-political milieu of the individuals and teams (in the regional sense) is reflected significantly in their extraordinary creative contributions, not just recognized but well respected all over the world.

Our mission is to raise voice about our industry and awareness raising and advocacy through creativity and creative communications. We are here to help our partners to attract the audience they want in a brand-safe and engaging context. Let us discover first your amazing content and build our relationship, starting today!

We look forward to working with you.

Get in touch with us: [email protected].

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