International and national rankings including Golden Drum



Golden Drum festival was chosen as one of the seven regional award shows in the world included into WARC Creative Rankings. 
Golden Drum is included in AdForum Business Creative Report, a unique ranking of the world’s most-awarded campaigns by industry sector. It currently covers Automotive, Finance, Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty, Luxury, Retail, Technology, Transport & Tourism. The only report of its kind, it allows advertisers and agencies to benchmark their creative impact against competitors in the same sector, and to draw inspiration from the campaigns that have made headlines. It is based on the results of 40 awards shows - worldwide, regional, local, specialist or not.
Golden Drum is included in the World Creative Ranking by the Drum, a leading global business publisher for the marketing and media sector. They provide actionable insights, guidance, inspiration, and solutions to help their readers make better decisions. 


Golden Drum is included on the Ukrainian International Ranking of Creativity.
Golden Drum is included on Baltic Agency Rankings.
Golden Drum is included on the Czech Agency Ranking "Agentura roku".
Golden Drum is included on the Belarus Ranking of Creative Agencies.
Golden Drum is included on Russian National Creativity Rating RACA (5 points), Creativity Rating of Digital Agencies (5 points) and Communication Agencies Efficiency Rating (8 points).

*Golden Drum, international festival of creativity, has suspended Russia and Belarus from submitting entries into this year’s competition.

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