Golden Drum Festival

Throughout decades, the Golden Drum has stood as one of the most visible crossroads of the creative, marketing and advertising professional communities in the European advertising space. It had a profound impact on the development of the industry, not only within the once so familiar New Europe but also beyond. Each year, with head-turning ideas competing for prestigious awards, it offers new proof that the specific cultural and economic-political milieu of the individuals and teams (in the regional sense) reflects significantly in their extraordinary creative contributions, not just recognized but well-respected all over the world.

Together we celebrate the best ideas, the best creative teams and the best individuals who left their mark on the industry, those who manage to breathe a soul into a great idea.

Indeed, much has changed in the 30 years, yet the names of the people who created, built and nurtured the Golden Drum remain etched in golden letters. Thank you – all of you who have, and who still continue to breathe with the festival, a festival taking root in the salty soil of the Slovenian coast.

Golden Drum is known as the friendliest, highly appreciated festival that has successfully overcome many challenges. As our honorary president, Mr. Jure Apih, said: “We should wish for advertising that changes the world for the better”. That, precisely, is one of the main goals we are looking to chase in the coming years.



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