Marian Petcu

Strategy Director, dentsu Southeast Europe, Group Client Director, dentsu Romania

Marian is a highly accomplished and enterprising senior executive within communication strategy and business development, drawing on 20 years of experience within world-leading media companies like Publicis, GroupM and dentsu.

Starting in the industry as media planner he went forward fast and has fulfilled various leadership roles with a clear focus on strategy and client management. Backed by a solid clients’ business understanding and challenges he was able to transform them in communication opportunities. He had great results in working simultaneously with various entities and specialties to deliver growth strategies for clients, locally in Romania and also on regional projects across Southeast Europe.

He joined dentsu in 2022 with the clear objectives of elevating and unifying the group strategic offer across Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia and the wider Adriatic region to increase collaboration between the markets. Focused on the purpose of delivering complete communication solutions to our clients through media and creativity, Marian's role is a senior client advisor with aim to provide inspiration and support to the local client leading teams at large.

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