Marin Ostojić

Creative Director, ZOO agency, Croatia

Marin was introduced to copywriting in the Zagreb office of New Moment New Ideas Company, back when Saki was still with us. Since then, he has circled Zagreb's agencies, finally going all in with ZOO, the agency that he founded with his friends and work buddies. Since then, Marin has been learning about different businesses, industries, and advertising in general, as well as his own life in particular. On this path, in this ever-changing scenery, Marin and his team have learned a lot, with a lot still to be learned. They also partnered with many big and small brands from different industries, had some beautiful collaborations, created some fun projects, won some industry awards, and had lots of fun along the way. Currently, Marin is still learning and trying to give his best on every project that lands on his desk.

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