Marin Kostov – Muro

Executive Creative Director and Partner, All Channels Communication Group, Bulgaria

His career in communication industry started 17 years ago when he has joined the famously effective Grey Bulgaria’s team to work with brands like Nokia, Unicredit Bulbank, P&G and GlaxoSmithKline.

After turning quickly into one of the youngest (and famously inexperienced) Creative Directors in Grey’s history, in 2009 Marin left the “Big International Agency” world to continue fighting the good fight as a Creative Director of the newly created advertising unit in a brave small local PR agency called All Channels.

He started with 3 clients and a team of a similar size. Today All Channels Advertising is a Top 3 creative agency of Bulgaria, striving for even more with award winning campaigns for clients such as Zagorka – Heineken, Philips, Raiffeisen Bank, Decathlon, Fox International Networks, National Geographic etc.

During his career, Marin has won over 150 Advertising & PR awards, including Silver Drum, FARA Bulgaria Top 3 agency for the last two years and Platinum SABRE award.

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