Defensive Logo of Zhytomyr

Entry code: 0601004GD23
Agency: Doris Agency
Advertiser / client: City of Zhytomyr
Group: F. DESIGN, Visual Identities 

Creative idea

Zhytomyr – one of the few Ukraіnian cities that has its own logo, which is really “its own”, not formal or just in a creators’ or officials'’ mind. Alive and native. But the routine of everyday life stopped on the 24th of February. The war came to Ukraine and the quiet, peaceful and friendly city had to change. Zhytomyr had to show its opposite side: fortitude, organisation and its ability to defend itself. Alongside this, the logo has had to transform.

Brand name: Zhytomyr
Advertiser / client: City of Zhytomyr
Product / service: City of Zhytomyr
Campaign name: Defensive Logo of Zhytomyr
Agency: Doris Agency
Creative director: Pavlo Shyshkovskyi
Art director: Borys Manokhin
Designer: Maryna Fedotova
Additional company: Motion designer: Oleksandr Strutovskyi


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