LUV Fest

Entry code: 0601010GD23
Agency: Piardigma d.o.o., Maribor
Advertiser / client: Turizem Ljubljana
Group: F. DESIGN, Visual Identities 

Creative idea

Ljubljana is a city of love. But during the late winter months of the low season, the city can sometimes feel cold and yearns for something warm to excite the visitors. A slight crush. Passionate works of art. Or a festival of rambling that joins the two together: LUV fest. The festival of Love (Ljubezen), Art (Umetnost) and Rambling (Vandranje) found its inspiration in the images of St. Gregory’s Day, a Slovenian tradition dedicated to lovebirds and celebrated at the time of first spring flowering through the rituals of bird weddings and illuminated boat miniatures floating in the Ljubljanica river.

Brand name: LUV Fest
Advertiser / client: Turizem Ljubljana
Product / service: Festival image
Campaign name: LUV Fest
Agency: Piardigma d.o.o., Maribor
Additional company: PM, poslovni mediji (online advertising), W3B (social media)
Web address:
Executive creative director: Martina Kokovnik
Creative director: Martina Kokovnik
Copywriter: Rok Grča
Designer: Martina Kokovnik
Strategic planner / strategist: Karmen Čelam
Illustrator: Martina Kokovnik
Event production: Karmen Čelam
Additional company: Neža Semič, Project manager at Ljubljana Tourism Tamara Vodopivec, Project manager at Ljubljana Tourism Aleksandra Papež, PR at Ljubljana Tourism


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