Forest Barbershop

Entry code: 1102009GD23
Agency: Kreatívna Dvojica
Advertiser / client: Harold's Barber & Tattoo
Group: E. HEALTH & WELLNESS, Branded & Unbranded Health Awareness

Creative idea

Tick-borne diseases are big issue in Slovakia. For the last years, we are breaking records in cases of Encephalitis and Lyme borreliosis. Ticks attack mostly men and one of the places where ticks attach is skin on the head hidden underneath the hair. During the highest tick season, we presented haircut from the barber as new way for Slovaks to protect their health. And because hikers may be attacked by ticks very easily, we decided to offer them haircut directly in the woods. We opened the very first Forest barbershop. During one weekend, hikers had a chance to get haircut directly next to the hiking trail.

Brand name: Harold's Barber & Tattoo
Advertiser / client: Harold's Barber & Tattoo
Product / service: Barbershop
Campaign name: Forest Barbershop
Agency: Kreatívna Dvojica
Web address:
Creative director: Ivana Hornicka Paconova, Michal Hornicky
Art director: Michal Hornicky
Copywriter: Ivana Hornicka Paconova
Designer: Michal Hornicky, Dominik Herceg
Account director (agency): Michal Hornicky
Strategic planner / strategist: Ivana Hornicka Paconova


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