Sounds Easy

Awards: Silver Drum
Entry code: 1105001GD21
Agency: Yandex Creative Studio '7.47'
Advertiser / client: Yandex
Group: E. HEALTH & WELLNESS, Health & Wellness Tech

Creative idea

Up to 70% of Russian preschoolers suffer from speech disorders. But there aren’t enough speech therapists. To help the kids and make the training accessible Yandex created the Sounds Easy tool. It is the new way of speech training – a song-based practice integrated into a voice assistant Alice with 45 mln users. The skill that was made in collaboration with speech therapists and singers-songwriters. We also turned the speech training into a song-based game: in order to work on a problematic sound kid had to sing a special song.

Brand name: Yandex
Advertiser / client: Yandex
Product / service: Alice
Campaign name: Sounds Easy
Agency: Yandex Creative Studio '7.47'
Web address:
Executive creative director: Alexandra Novohatskaya
Creative director: Alexandra Novohatskaya
Art director: Vasilii Ovchinnikov, Nikolay Nikitin
Copywriter: Kosntantin Pudan, Valentina Ekimian, Alexey Kalyan
Agency producer: Inna Omelchenko, Olga Zarenok, Ekaterina Kovaleva, Elena Plotnikova
Additional company: P. Abroskin, G. Tomashevskaya, M. Kireev, B. Petrenko, M. Makeeva, E. Strelkova, M. Artemenko, N. Tkachuk, A. Ageeva, M. Borisenok, V. Lopatka, A. Kadaner, . Egerev, M. Golubovsky, P. Kaplya, S. Pavlova, B. Papinyan


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