sLOVEnia is...

Entry code: YDC050GD23
Agency: Leo Burnett Kyiv
Group: YDC

Creative idea

The project was inspired by the prominent slogan 'I feel SLOVENIA' and the festival's central topic: 'A date with a masterpiece'. I decided to explore what does SLOVENIA mean? What does LOVE mean? And there was an idea: to create three posters in the iconic style of the famous 'LOVE IS' chewing gum, incorporating the 'LOVE' element to align with the festival's theme. Well, we’ll make a real date with a masterpiece! These posters aimed to show essential insights related to travelling in Slovenia. As we all know, the country is renowned for its numerous caves, captivating galleries, and vibrant festivals. These elements became the core messages in my three posters, serving as the main reasons to believe (RTB). By using bright, charming, and easily recognizable style posters capture the viewer's attention, encourage them to read the text, think about Slovenia, and consider planning a visit. Let's discover what sLOVEnia is!

Agency: Leo Burnett Kyiv
Authors: Olena Danylchenko


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