Maria Melkova

Modern Workplace Business Group Lead, Microsoft Corporation, Multi-country of Central and Eastern Europe

Maria Melkova is working at Microsoft as a business leader who drives modern technologies in the space of collaboration, productivity and security. She is managing 24 counties in Central and Eastern Europe. Her core focus is around brining new, modern ways of working into the environment of customers and partners of Microsoft. Originally Russian, Maria has worked for 6 years at Microsoft Russia, than for 2,5 years at Microsoft Turkey and from 2017 is based in Slovenia with multi-country responsibility. Prior to her 10+ years at Microsoft, Maria worked at the Russian distribution company as Marketing Director, at Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Sharp as HR and Corporate Affairs Director and at PwC in multiple marketing and back-office roles. Maria's main education is History of Art, followed by Management and Marketing, followed by Cross-Cultural Communications.

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