Re:Start the Future

As we emerge from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it's time to press the Re:Start button and start working towards a better future. How to Re:Start the Future, though? Will our lives go back to normal, and what will the new normal look like for our industry?

Our focus must be revised; we have to assess the state of affairs, see what we've learned during these challenging times and find out if our view of creativity has changed in turn. We must be honest about the things we need to do differently going forward. We have to stay optimistic and ready to work even closer with our clients, adjusting to their shifting goals.

It's important to keep business agile, innovative and willing to take risks. For those who want to leave a mark, bold decisions are the way to go.

The Golden Drum Festival wants to continue to inspire and empower creative thinking. Likewise, we encourage self-reflection, to ensure our new society matches our new reality.

With the slogan Re:Start the Future, we're turning our focus to fresh creativity that will energize coming generations – without forgetting we still belong to the same community, breathing as one!

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